Kylie Jenner Has An Awkward Fashion Moment In Leggings

Kylie Jenner is all about being on the ‘natural wave’ – and that includes her outfits.

The 18-year-old recently told us that her 2016 New Year’s resolutions include ‘toning it down’, saying: ‘I just want to take my nails off. No hair. No make-up.’

Now, Kylie (obvs) isn’t about to shun her beauty regimes altogether. Because Kylie wouldn’t be Kylie without a bit of contouring and a wig or two, would she?!

> Let’s be honest, Kylie Jenner’s never going to go *completely* natural


But it seems she’s keen to channel a more youthful style with her clothes, working a low-key athleisure ensemble on Thursday night.

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She’d paired low-slung leather leggings with a teeny-tiny white crop top, a sporty red bomber jacket and white trainers.

> Kylie Jenner nailed her athleisure ensemble


Pretty cute, huh? But even the most casual looks are at risk of a wardrobe malfunction, as the Keeping Up With The Kardashians teen was quick to learn.

Unfortunately for Kylie, she ended up having a bit of dramz while being driven to LA nightspot The Nice Guy. Uh-oh.

She was messing around in the back seat when she accidentally spilled Red Bull all over herself. As expected, this caused some major hysterics among her and her squad.

> Kylie’s night didn’t go without a hitch


Kylie had, as always, been Snapchatting her entire evening, so the awkward moment and its aftermath were captured on camera for us all to see.

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We must say, it was all very dramatic. Kylie could be heard yelling at the driver (singer Harry Hudson) to pull over at American pharmacy CVS before jumping out with a friend.

> Kylie Jenner tried to sort out her soggy leggings with a hand dryer


The pair ran into the public bathroom, where Kylie tried desperately to rescue her trews and top under the automatic dryer. 

Was it successful? We’re not sure. But Kylie carried on like a trooper and continued on her way to the club.

> Kylie Jenner didn’t seem particularly fazed by the incident


We’re sure a spot of dancing would’ve dried it off pronto, anyway.