Kylie Jenner Gets Her Claws Out About Kendall’s Model Life

Oh, sisters, eh?

We’ve always thought Kendall and Kylie Jenner seemed super supportive of each other, but a new video has emerged that changes everything. Because in fact, it turns out Kylie might not have always been that enamoured with her sister’s rise to modelling stardom…

A new clip from E! has emerged, taken from an old episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which shows a 14-year-old Kendall first telling mum Kris and dad Bruce that she fancied getting into modelling.

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kendall and kris jenner Kendall is seen showing mum Kris her secret modelling portfolio…


Excitedly showing her parents a secret modelling portfolio she’d been working on, the leggy teenager announced her plans just as sister Kylie entered the room. Uh oh. Cue angry tirade from a hilariously moody Kylie.

Whilst momager Kris flicked through the pictures, commenting that Kendall looked like big sister Kim in one particular picture, Kylie shouts: ‘Kendall does not look like Kim!’ And she doesn’t stop there.

kylie jenner shouting Kylie responds with some harsh (and sarcastic) words about Kendall’s modelling dreams…


‘If you want to help her model, you can help her model’, she says. ‘But it’s just gonna get to her head, and all of us are gonna be in her little throne path and listening to her.’

She continued to shout: ‘We’re gonna be like, “Oh my god, you’re right! You’re like the coolest person in the family because you model when you’re 14!”‘ 

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kendall and kylie jenner at balmain party Kylie now regularly joins Kendall at her high-fashion events…


LOLs. Do we sense a teeny tiny hint of the green eyed monster there, perhaps?

Little did she know, her sister would go on to become a catwalk regular, walking for the likes of Balmain and Marc Jacobs. But with Kylie now dipping her own toe into the fashion industry, we’d guess that she’s well and truly put any feelings of jealousy behind her.

kendall and kylie jenner walking in LA Sisters, eh?!


When LOOK asked the star if she had found Kendall’s rise to fame difficult to deal with earlier this year, she had nothing but sweet words to say about her sibling. 

‘She’s done amazing, I am so proud of her. She really is living the life’, she replied. Naw.