Kylie Jenner Just Made Sleeping Bag Coats Cool

Instagram: @kyliejenner

Here we go again! In her latest step towards style icon notoriety, Kylie Jenner has unveiled the new ‘it’ coat. And true to form, we’re instantly in love.

With rumours of snow brewing, it’s as practical as it is a fashion statement.

The sleeping bag coat has officially made a comeback, with an edgy new twist.

Jenner’s nailing it, in a Khaki bomber-style number that flows down to her ankles. We spy a cute, winged embroidered design on the back, which just gives it an instant boost of individuality. Well, that’s what we love about her.

A puffa is a great way to add some instant warmth to any outfit. And by playing around with different colours – and perhaps even sewing a patch on to the back for some customisation – you can make a bold statement too.

We’ve found some Kardashian-worthy quilted warmers on the High Street, so you can channel your inner winter bunny just like KJ.

Good show, Kylizzle.

Written by Laura Jane Turner