Kylie Jenner Changes Hair Colour… Again!

Instagram: @kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner has gone back to black. Yes, we’re talking about her famous locks again. We’ve seen a dance between black, teal, grey ombre, teal (yes, again) and now, it seems, we are back to black. We need to start a diary to keep up with the super starlet’s whimsical indecisiveness when it comes to her favourite hue!

But Ms Jenner didn’t need to go under the hair-dye-nozzle to achieve her latest look. She’s opted for a different shade of her very own clip-in extension range; the Jet Black 20″ Clip-Ins from Kylie Hair Kouture.

We have to say that this classic, more natural, colour choice definitely compliments her sultry image.

She seems to be becoming something of a street style icon too; she’s owning double denim at the moment, and we have to say – the fringed, ripped high waisted jeans are a-mazing. We’re certainly getting our fix of urban fashion inspiration.

Keep up the good work Kylizzle.

And OK, we’re a little worried about opening THIS can of worms, but… do we detect a visibly overdrawn top lip line? We’ll let you decide.

Written by Laura Jane Turner