Kylie Jenner, What’s This Baby Emoji All About?

Kylie Jenner, what games are you playing with us?!

The 18-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has managed to break Instagram (again)… This time, via an emoji.

On Saturday, Kylie uploaded a selfie of herself dressed in black leggings and a black sweater as she leaned on the sink in her bathroom. And the caption has got all of her fans guessing. 

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> Kylie’s still rocking those bodycon dresses…


Simply adding one baby emoji, Kylie has now ignited rumours that she might be pregnant. Oh gosh. 

‘Baby coming ??’ one eager-eyed fan quickly commented. 

Also adding fuel to the fire was the fact that the teenager also went on a major happy rant on Twitter over the weekend, saying that she ‘loved life’.

> Kylie has been plagued with baby rumours since last year


‘Thanking God today for all my blessings. Life is so amazing’, she tweeted. ‘Put out good vibes and energy and you will receive!’

Kylie added: ‘I love life.’

Hmm. It’s not the first time the star’s been hit with baby rumours. But we can’t help but think that her well-placed emoji was more likely to be referring to the fact that she looked beautifully young and fresh-faced in the snap… No?

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> Kylie and boyfrien Tyga seem closer than ever right now


And some other fans agreed. ‘You look so beautiful when you are simple’, one wrote. ‘So you are really awesome! a rare beauty! stay natural, it suits you!’ gushed another.

Rumourd aside, Jenner recently opened up about wanting a family in the future on sister Khloe Kardashian’s Kocktails With Khloé show. 

‘I want kids for sure’, she said. ‘I feel like seeing you guys go through everything, it’s great knowledge. I feel like I want kids before I’m 30.’

So just remember – she’s still got a whole 12 years to go, people.

> Kylie’s said she would like kids before she’s 30…