Kylie Jenner’s Assistant Reveal *Just* What A Diva She Is

If you ever thought Kylie Jenner seemed like a bit of a diva, then her assistants are about to confirm it for you.

In a hilarious new video posted on the 18-year-old’s Snapchat, Kylie’s two personal assistants reveal the star’s crazily neurotic tendancies, including her silly smoothie demands and general diva-esque behaviour. LOL.

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‘Kylie asks me for the same f**king smoothie every morning,’ one of them kicks off. ‘When she asks which flavor, Kylie responds “you should know the flavour.”‘ Cripes!

She also went on to say that half the time, Kylie will request something, then totally forgot she’s even asked for it. Now THAT is what we’d call a diva. 


Re-enacting a typical seen between her and her employer, she’s seen saying to Kylie: ‘You’ll be like, “I want an apple tomorrow.” The next day I’m like here’s your apple, and you go “what the f**k, why would I want an apple.” You’re like, “show me the texts,” you don’t believe me.’ So funny!

And it’s not just fruit that KJ seems to lose her head over – next, the star’s second assistant goes big on Kylie’s ridiculous beverages demands, whilst revealing her seriously weird obsession with one particular thing – people touching her straws. 

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‘You are particular about your beverages,’ she says, adding that they even must be presented to Kylie at a certain temperature. ‘If the smoothies gotten too warm, forget it,’ she states. Oh, this keeps getting better and better.

But if you’re feeling a bit sorry for Kylie right now, having been outed by her two employees, don’t – she’s heard laughing along in the background the whole time.

‘You guys make me seem so f**king bougie!’ she cries.

Don’t worry girl, we love you exactly the way you are.