Kendall Jenner’s Kurt Geiger Boots Are Back In Stock


Sometimes, savvy spending can be deadly. Picture this: you finally come across the perfect pair of shoes, tell yourself you’ll give it until payday so that you can be an adult and do adult things like budget for, you know, rent. And food. The trivial things in life.

Only when you return feeling all smug with yourself that you’ve managed to hold out, you see that they’re out of stock. Every. Single. Pair. Know the feeling? Same. That’s why we decided to brighten up your week (/month/life) and source the restocked shoes that sold out before even we (and we spend a lot of time shopping) managed to get our mits on a pair.

Case in point: Kurt Geiger’s white ‘Strut’ boots, otherwise known as the white boots Kendall Jenner has worn approximately 351 times. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but the KG powers that be tell us that Kendall wore them across New York, Milan and Paris Fashion Week over ten times.

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As a result, Kurt Geiger sold over 50 pairs in the first week, sales increased by +118%, and the brand was forced to start a waiting list. A waiting list including us. Sob. But fret not, for they are officially back in stock and we couldn’t be happier.

Follow Kendall’s lead and wear with high-waisted mom jeans and retro sunnies, or toughen up a ditsy tea dress when it’s warm enough to go bare legged. TBH, they’ll go with literally anything. They’re white, after all.

See. There is a God. A shoe God.