Kristen Stewart Plays Herself In Wonderland Magazine

It’s been a while since Kristen Stewart posed for a fashion spread, but she’s made sure to come back in her signature style.

The 24-year-old Twilight star is the star of Wonderland magazine’s Spring issue, and on the cover and inside we see her working a moody black-and-white editorial and oozing her famous tomboy cool.

Fashion wise, it’s all grey marl tees and black vests, while cover-ups take the form of distressed denim jackets and black leather bikers.

The simplicity of the styling perfectly reflects the actress’ nonchalant attitude to fashion, while the barely there make-up, scruffy quiff and chunky silver neck chain sums up her favoured low-key tomboy asthetic.

As well as the rock ‘n’ roll tinged shoot, shot by Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane, K-Stew was interviewed about her views on Emma Watson‘s favourite topic – feminism. 

‘It’s silly to play the devil’s advocate when having a conversation about female roles in Hollywood, because then you’re doing this ‘reverse feminism’ thing that has become weirdly trendy recently’, she explained.

‘I feel like some girls around my age are less inclined to say, “Of course I’m a feminist, and of course I believe in equal rights for men and women,” because there are implications that go along with the word feminist that they feel are too in-your-face or aggressive’, Kristen added.

‘A lot of girls nowadays are like, “Eww, I’m not like that.” They don’t get that there’s no one particular way you have to be in order to stand for all of the things feminism stands for.’

With identical smart and sassy views on feminism, we reckon K-Stew and Emma should hang out more.