K-Stew Experiences An Awkward Interview Of Her Own

Kristen Stewart is pretty kick ass. We love her straight-talking no-nonsense attitude. 

And now, she’s made a big point, schooling her male co-star Jesse Eisenberg in the art of swerving overtly sexist interview questions. 

No doubt being inspired by that famously awkward Cara Delevingne incident, during her Good Day Sacramento appearance, K-Stew decided to make her point whilst also taking a playful stance, pranking her co-star Jesse Eisenberg in the process. 



Interviewing each other, she gave him a set of ‘fake’ interview questions to send her way, based on the typical questions you’d expect to see fired at a male star. These included probes about ‘bulking up’ for a role, and favourite sports teams. 

Kristen, on the other hand, asked Jesse the sort of questions she typically gets asked, such as her favourite designer and whether she’s had any work done. 

It didn’t take long for Jesse to notice the change, and he was clearly baffled, saying to his co-star, “I think… I think they may have switched our cards…”



Kristen acted confused, asking: “I get asked these questions a lot… Is this not how they usually go for you?” 

Jesse seemed to get more and more dumbfounded by the fact that he was being asked “which boob is your favourite?” and whether or not he was pregnant, commenting on the fact that it all “seems really personal…”

When asking Kristen her questions, Jesse even commented that it “seemed so easy” compared to the ones he was being grilled on.

Interesting, no?

At the very end, Kristen revealed that it was all a hoax, with Jesse exclaiming “Oh. These are your questions. Now I know what it’s like to be a woman…”

It’s both hilariously accurate and totally awkward at the same time. 

Watch the full video below… 


By Laura Jane Turner