Kristen Stewart Gets Tough: ‘Plastic Surgery Is Vandalism’

Just when we thought Kristen Stewart couldn’t get any more outspoken, she goes and wades in on the plastic surgery debate. 

It’s only a day since 17-year-old Kylie Jenner admitted that she’s had lip fillers. And the Twilight actress has something to say about it.

When asked if she would ever tamper with her face, Kristen replied:

kylie jenner lip fillers Kylie Jenner recently admitted she’d had lip fillers at age 17


‘No, never. Never,’ she said firmly abut plastic surgery. ‘I am so freaked out by the idea of doing anything. And maybe that’s completely arrogant but I don’t want to change anything about myself. I think the women who do are losing their minds. It’s vandalism.’

Blimey. We can always rely on Kristen to speak her mind!

The 25-year-old actress also revealed her thoughts on makeup and getting dressed up for the red carpet, all in her telling interview with Harper’s Bazaar


kristen stewart in a black dress with fiery red hair Kristen Stewart confesses she has no idea about how to do her own makeup


‘I either like being really sexy or insanely androgynous’, she said. ‘I’m not great at applying make-up myself. My mom never taught me anything, she doesn’t wear make-up… I like mineral make-up. You can’t screw it up and it’s not bad for your skin.’

The girl who frequently wears Converse on the red carpet and refuses to be pigeonholed also opened up about her no-fuss crop of hair that she always liked to look undone.

kristen stewart in white joggers and a blue shirt Kristen Stewart says she prefers to keep her hair looking undone and messy


‘I don’t like having nice hair, ever,’ she says of her signature messy ‘do. ‘There’s something about it that pushes me over into feeling like I’m wearing a costume. So long as I can have my hair the way it normally is, then I can do everything else full on.’

Kristen previously mentioned that her weight fluctuates, but it sounds like when she’s in the zone, it’s no holds-barred.

kristen stewart dress at camp x ray premiere Kristen Stewart admits she works hard to keep herself in good shape


‘When I’m in good shape I can do 40 push-ups in one go,’ she reveals. ‘If I’m not in good shape, I can do ten. If I am trying to get into shape and I want to be strong, I’ll drop and do 20 every half hour throughout the day.’ 

‘I can do 250 push-ups in a day, which is pretty impressive. At the moment, I can do 20 comfortably. It takes me about a month to get into phenomenal shape with a trainer.’

Sounds like a lot of hard work to us!

Kristen Stewart on the latest cover of Harper's Bazaar Kristen Stewart on the latest cover of Harper’s Bazaar