Kourtney Kardashian’s Guide To Eating A Kit Kat

Kourtney Kardashian has just offered up her wisdom on one of the most widely debated chocolate-related questions ever – how do you eat a Kit Kat?

Here at LOOK HQ, the answers are varied – some eat it whole, some nibble off the sides, and some eat the ends before sticking it in their coffee and using it as a straw (TRUE STORY).

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But the 36-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star decided to answer the snack query once and for all with a brilliant new tutorial video, in honour of her sister Kim Kardashian.

‘I’m gonna show you guys something that Kim taught me,’ Kourtney begins. ‘How to eat a Kit Kat. It’s pretty life changing.’




‘I would never even dream to just eat a Kit Kat and bite into it,’ she adds, before justifying her six-stage method by explaining the health benefits. ‘It makes you eat less because you’re eating it so slow,’ argued Kourtney.

So, what’s the Kardashian technique? Well, let’s break it down into steps, shall we? Over to Kourt.

1. ‘Break off one Kit Kat’.

2. “Eat chocolate off each end.’

3. ‘Eat chocolate on each side.’

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4. ‘Separate and eat the top [layer].’

5. ‘Separate and eat the bottom [layer].’

6. ‘Eat the middle.’




And repeat with the other half.

We have to say, we agree. This is the Kit Kat munching method most of us tend to live by, too.

And the fact that Kourtney’s looking so incredibly banging right now, Kit Kats included, only serves to reassure us that chocolate must be REALLY good for us. Thanks for the wisdom, lady.