Kitten Heels: The Shoe Style That’s Taking Over

Putting her career and sartorial credibility on the line, Fashion News Editor Maxine Eggenberger reveals why we should all reconsider the much-maligned kitten heel…

Let’s get one thing straight; I’ve never met a shoe I didn’t like. Ok, so it might’ve taken Christopher Kane (and a cluster of crystals) to make me a Croc convert but my point still stands: even the most polarising style can be appreciated, if not for its form then for its function, by the most discerning shoe aficionado.

Saying that, I understand some shoes still divide opinion. Dr Martens are by no means for everyone. Neither are corset-laced, knee-high sandals. However, there’s no shoe that’s made headlines of late quite like the kitten heel.

Theresa May champions the kitten heel

A by-product of the ‘80s, the micro stiletto has been thrown back into the spotlight thanks to none other than our very own PM, Theresa May, whose penchant for the practical heel has sparked debate among trade unions, political correspondents and the fashion jury alike. I myself have faced prejudice against the kitten heel.

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The year was 2014, and Zara’s black satin, bow-toed offerings were never off my feet. Then one day, a colleague jibed in jest, ‘my near-blind Nan wouldn’t wear those if I bribed her with Victoria sponge.’ To that, I posed the question ‘what did they ever do to you?!’ At least, I would have if I hadn’t been crying in the loos. I’m almost 100% certain that I’m exaggerating this exchange but, in my trauma, this is how I remember it.

Left to right: Wallis, £38; £42, Next; £52, Topshop

Well, unnamed colleague, maybe your Nan wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss them now that Céline ushered them in as the shoe of the season. And no one disputes Céline. Just ask the high street, whose homage to the heel is spread far and wide- from Wallis to Topshop to Marks & Spencer.

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If you’re in need of yet more reassurance, Mansur Gavriel (the label responsible for 2016’s mule obsession) has given them its footwear Midas touch for SS17 in every shade on the colour wheel. Also, it’s not often I can say that one of the hottest trends of the moment also happens to be entirely practical, but that’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s just the way the Vicky sponge crumbles.