Kim Kardashian’s Secret Relative Has Just Been Named

So in the weirdest news of the day, Kim Kardashian has a secret (famous) relative none of us knew about.

And guess what? It’s only Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron. Yep, the PM revealed that he is actually the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star’s long-lost 13th cousin in a new interview. 

When asked if he watched the show, David told Heat: ‘No, but I’m related to them. Did you know I’m 13th cousins with them?’ Come again?!

prime minister david cameron in a suit and tie David Cameron admits he is Kim Kardashian’s 13th cousin in a new interview


According to the Daily Telegraph, the link is via a mutual ancestor, Sir William Spencer, born in 1555.

So will we be seeing David popping up at the next Kardashian family reunion round Kris’? Well, probably not. 

When asked if he planned to hang out with his famous Kardashian cousins, he replied: No, I have no plans at the moment’, before adding: ‘That would be great.’ 

We think it would too, DC. Next up, Kimmy K on Question Time!

kim kardashian with white fur coat and platinum blonde hair Kim Kardashian seen with her platinum blonde hair last month