Kim Kardashian’s Bump Is Looking Bigger Than Ever

Kim Kardashian as dismissed those rumours that she’s using a surrogate with her latest Instagram snap. Because um, THAT BUMP!

The star isn’t even six months pregnant yet, but her bump is totally popping, as seen from her night out pictures from Saturday night.

The 34-year-old posted a picture of her wearing a skintight olive green dress with a khaki coat thrown over the top, and alluded to her bun in the oven by writing: ‘Lunch for 3.’ Naw.

Kim kept her make-up minimal to show off her gorgeous pregnancy glow, using her cleavage and peek of a lace bra to add some subtlesexappeal. Looking great, Kimmy!

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> Loving those Morticia-style bangs, ladies!


Kim recently got people talking about her Instagram pictures for another reason altogether after she posted a picture that seemingly showed her to have zero baby bump. What?!

The star all dolled up for a dress up session with sister Kourtney and shared the results on Instagram, with the pregnant star working a plunging skintight leather catsuit that majorly flattened her bump. 

And we also saw a new hair look for Kim – a blunt black fringe to match her sister’s, with both of them finishing off with dark plum lipstick. 

> Kim Kardashian’s bump has been popping in recent weeks


‘Banger sisters,’ Kim wrote.

But with fans so used to seeing the star parade her blossoming tummy in recent weeks, the barely-there bump picture left many of them confused. 

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> Kim Kardashian celebrates reaching 42 million Instagram followers with this sexy cleavage snap


‘You forgot to put your bump on,’ commented one Instagram user. ‘Your bump evaporated’, wrote another. It does look pretty non-existent, but hey, Kim is the queen of SPANX.

And the sexy snaps didn’t stop there. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also celebrated a huge milestone over the weekend – reaching 42 million Instagram followers – with a seriously racy side-boob pic. 

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’42 mil’, she simply captioned the image. There’s certainly no body shyness here…

And for half-sister Kylie Jenner’s birthday, Kim joined the rest of her family to celebrate in style, with mum Kris Jenner and ex Caitlyn Jenner reuniting publically for the first time in over a year.

> Caitlyn and Kris Jenner reunited publically for the first time in over a year


‘The parent trap’, Kim captioned a photo of Kris and Caitlyn leaning in for a selfie.

And to round off her epic weekend of Instagram fun, Kim, who recently revealed she’s put on 15lbs so far in her pregnancy, ended with a healthy hike up the mountains.  

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> Kylie Jenner went blonde for her birthday!


‘Just hiked 2 miles! I’m exhausted now. Need a nap!’, she tweeted.

See, it’s not all play and no work in the life of a Kardashian.