Can You Guess How Old Caitlyn Jenner Really Is?

It was Caitlyn Jenner’s birthday yesterday, but did she turn 66 or did she turn 1? That is the question stepdaughter Kim Kardashian was asking in the adorable Instagram snap she posted to wish her a happy birthday.

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Kim posted this cute selfie of the two of them at Caitlyn’s birthday lunch with the heartwarming caption:

“Happy Birthday Caitlyn! Are you 66 or is Caitlyn 1? lol That was the debate at our bday lunch yesterday! Have the best day ever filled with lots of love & laughs! You have shown me what it’s truly like to live an authentic life without caring what the world would think! I love you!”

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Kylie Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner at Caitlyn's birthday lunch. Kylie Jenner was also there to help celebrate Caitlyn’s birthday.

Referring to the fact that this is Caitlyn’s first birthday since her transition earlier this year, Kim laughed about what age Caitlyn really is now and she wasn’t the only member of the family sending the birthday love Cait’s way. Her youngest daughter, Kylie was also at the birthday lunch and shared this lovely message with her fans:

“Early birthday lunch with @caitlynjenner. Happy birthday dad what an amazing year for you.” She later added, “Happy birthday to my main squeeze. You’ve never failed me! I love you.”

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Kourtney also made an appearance at the big birthday lunch and when Caitlyn thanked everyone for their birthday wishes, she also posted a video where she explained that she was, “Celebrating [her] 66th with 66 memories from an incredible year.”

An amazing year it certainly has been for Caitlyn Jenner who finally was able to come out to the world about her struggle with gender identity. Her Vanity Fair cover where she revealed Caitlyn Jenner for the first time will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most iconic moments of 2015. We wonder what year 2 (or 67) will hold for the gorgeous lady. Can it be topped?

By Amy de Klerk