EXCLUSIVE! Kim Kardashian Speaks To LOOK!

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous pregnant ladies in the world right now and for most celeb mums-to-be, the nine-month run-up to the birth is documented in the press with excited cheers and “she’s blooming” praise. Yet for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby journey, the pregnancy has been tainted with harsh comments and cutting remarks about what Kim is wearing throughout, slamming her maternity style as a major “fail”.       

No sooner had she hit the red carpet at the Oscars (shortly after announcing her pregnancy) jibes hit the net about the white Donna Karan gown she stepped out, with people branding it “mega unflattering”. Since then, she’s had to put up with digs like: “She’s rich, can afford to buy anything she wants and has stylist on tap, but the women does need to buy a mahoosive mirror!” from bloggers and, just last week, even fellow celebs joined in the bashing of her “malfunctioning” maternity wardrobe. Actor Robin Williams tweeted a picture of himself in character as the floral-curtain clad Mrs Doubtfire, comparing it to the Givenchy number Kim wore at the Met Ball 2013. “I think I wore it better,” he tagged the photo.

Here at LOOK, we think Kim Kardashian has been doing a great job (give the woman a break, she’s pregnant!) and we wanted to give the 32-year-old expectant mum a chance to put the record straight – as well as get to the bottom of how she really feels about all the pregnancy style disapproval. 

Catching her for an exclusive chat with her hectic schedule is never easy, but we managed to track her down on the blower from LA. When we ask Kim about the really hard time she’s been given throughout the past six months, and how she feels about being slammed so persistently, she puts the critics straight right away. “You know what, you’re never going to please everyone all of the time,” Kim tells us. “I always try to focus on the positives, not the negatives. The further into the pregnancy I get, the more confident I’m becoming with my maternity style.”

We think she’s mastered pregnancy dressing with flair and ease – any women who’s had a baby knows how difficult it is. Rather than slobbing out in trackies, Kim’s been making a real effort not to let her growing bump dictate her wardrobe.

So does she think she’s mastered maternity dressing? “I think it’s all about figuring out your body and what works and looks best. I am loving this time in my life. My body is changing all the time! I’m having a lot of fun dressing my bump and experimenting with new styles. Anything stretchy is good right now! Now that I’m really showing, it’s cute to wear tight dresses that accentuate my bump.”

Kim excuses herself as she halts our chat to direct the driver around LA. She’s on her way to shoot the latest Kardashian Kollection campaign for Dorothy Perkins along with sisters Khloe and Kourtney. In the collection, there are bold prints, figure-flattering frocks and blazer updaters – something for everyone.

“I wasn’t pregnant when I designed this collection, so I’m lucky there’s bump-skimming tops!” says Kim. “Everywhere you look, everyone has curves and I think it’s really unrealistic to create a line that doesn’t fit real women. Our pieces are made from fabric that stretches yet still feels like it holds you in. It accentuates curves. Kourtney, Khloe and I all have different body types so we all go to the fit meetings to make sure every base is covered. The line is inspired by all of our wardrobes. We know what fits and suits our body types and what we’d want to wear in everyday life. I love the pink ombre tulip dress and the two tone dress is another front-runner. Kourtney loves the blazers and Khloe adores the shorts. Often, I’ll see my sisters wearing pieces that I’d never think to pick for myself and they look so nice I’ll want to try them out myself.”

And how excited are Kim and boyfriend Kanye to be expecting? Surely there’s a dedicated room in the Kimye mansion chock full of baby clobber? “It is fun to shop for the baby, but we haven’t bought too many things just yet,” reveals Kim. “There are heaps of cute things out there though!” Got that everyone? Kim’s growing, blooming and proud. Now – back off, critics! 

Kardashian Kollection is available from 20 May exclusively at Dorothyperkins.com and selected Dorothy Perkins stores.

By Lucy Wood, 14 May 2013

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