Kim Kardashian Just Went On A Pretty Hilarious Rant

We can always rely on Kim Kardashian for an honest portrayal of pregnant life. And in her latest Q&A, she’s gone ALL out with her pregnancy rant.

The 35-year-old star is still working her bump-clinging dresses, skintight leggings and bodysuits, but she admits that underneath, she’s feeling far from sexy. 

‘I’m feeling like a f***ing whale!’, Kim said on her website last night. 

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kim kardashian nude outfit Kim admits her heartburn has stopped her from enjoying her favourite snacks


The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is now seven months along, with a bump that’s larger than life. But it’s not just her issues with how her body looks that’s getting Kim down.

Revealing she can no longer eat her favourite Mexican sweets as It gives her ‘too much heartburn’, Kim also revealed that her baby boy is now the size of a ‘coconut’ and is wreaking havoc on her bladder.

‘I have to pee every 5 minutes!’, she said. Eek! Something all pregnant women can relate to, we’re sure…

kim kardashian in black Poor Kanye has been demoted to the spare room to make room for Kim’s many pillows!


Hubby Kanye West is suffering, too, it seems. Due to her expanding bump, Kim admits that she’s kicked Kanye out into the spare room so she can surround herself with pillows as she sleeps.

Separate beds? Well, what the pregnant lady wants, the pregnant lady gets…

The comments come just a month after she told fans: ‘For me, pregnancy is the worst experience of my life.’

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kim kardashian with north west at her baby shower Kim says she’s feeling anything but sexy right now…


Discussing the slighly less pleasant parts of being a new mum, the star reflected on her blog earlier this month: ‘Do you know you basically have to wear a diaper for two months afterwards?’

She added: ‘I don’t feel sexy, either. I feel insecure and most of the time I just feel gross.’ Aw.

Hang in there, Kim. Your due date is next month, and then normality (and sweets) can return…

Kim Kardashian at the InStyle Awards in a caped Valentino dress Kim Kardashian at the InStyle Awards in a caped Valentino dress