Kim Kardashian Gets Frank About Potential Baby Names

Just a day after we found our Kim Kardashian‘s rumoured due date, she’s now spoken out about a possible baby name. Eek!

We’ve all been speculating about just how far along she is (we’re guessing around 7 months), but now, it looks like the due date has been confirmed. And you’re not going to believe when it is.

According to TMZ, the reality star’s due date is December 25th. Yep, Christmas Day. 

Doctors have reportedly told Kim to expect a natural birth on the 25th, but that a c-section may be required if the delivery takes any longer. Aw. Kimye’s little Christmas miracle… 

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kim kardashian on the ellen show Kim Kardashian is rumoured to be about 7 months pregnant right now…

And on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kim addressed those many, many rumours surrounding their chosen baby name. So, were the ‘Easton’ whispers true?  

‘I do like the name Easton,’ the 34-year-old told the chat show host. ‘I don’t think my husband likes that name, but I do like it.’

But we’re not holding our any hope that another direction-inspired moniker will stick for baby #2 after what Kim said next. ‘I don’t think we’ll go another direction’, she added. ‘It’s definitely not South. Every time someone says South, I just want to roll my eyes.’ 

In fact, the pregnant star admitted that it wasn’t a case of them being secretive, more that her and Kanye hadn’t actually even decided on a name yet!

‘I’ll start thinking at about eight months,’ Kim said. ‘So I’ve got about another month to go.’

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kim kardashian pregnant in blush dress Kim Kardashian is reportedly due to give birth on Christmas Day…


It’s not the first time she’s expressed her hatred for the name ‘South’, either.

The star took to Twitter earlier in her pregnancy to declare she is not expecting twins, she is not using a surrogate and that the baby’s sex has still not been announced, as well as slamming the name.


Kim kardashian white dress Kim Kardashian is rumoured to be about 7 months pregnant right now…


‘I don’t like South West, because that’s like, you know, North will always be better and be more… She has a better direction,’ Kim told NPR in an interview. ‘So I wouldn’t do that. I don’t think we’ll go with another direction.’

Phew! We have to say, we’re relieved. South West would have been one step too far, even for the Kardashians. 

Kim continued: ‘I mean, everyone keeps on saying South and I think it’s so stupid. Stupidest thing ever and just ridiculous.’ 

north west in gold chain North West tries on daddy Kanye’s mega bling gold and diamond necklace


As for North, two, well – she’s been celebrating by playing dress up with daddy Kanye’s mega bling accessories.

kourtney kardashian and kim in pink satin Kourtney Kardashian reveals that her and Kim’s biggest fights were about clothes


Papping a picture of her little one wearing a heavy gold and diamond chain necklace that Kanye’s often seen rocking on stage, Kim wrote: ‘No daddy’s it’s me necklace.’ Nori’s got expensive taste already, we see!

Kim was also seen spending some time with sister Kourtney on Instagram over the weekend, after Kourt revealed what her and Kim argue about the most… CLOTHES.

‘It was probably our biggest fight that we have had’, Kourtney said in an interview with Sunday Style. ‘Who stole whose things, especially things that we shared. We were just brutal.’