Kim Kardashian Reveals Her True Feelings About Flats

Kim Kardashian is not having the easiest time with her second pregnancy – and even worse, she may have to give up one of her favourite wardrobe staples because of it…

Speaking to People about her pet hate – flats – in a new interview, the pregnant 34-year-old said: ‘I hate the way I look in flats but heels can be hard during pregnancy.’

‘I’m already thinking, “What am I going to do?’ That’s the hardest thing in pregnancy when it comes to style.”‘

> We rarely see Kim Kardashian in flat shoes – it’s normally a case of heels or nothing!


We rarely see Kim without her beloved heels (normally caged). In fact, we think the only time we’ve seen her rock flat shoes this year has been those Kanye West trainers she used to wear to the gym… And we’re not sure she was feeling pap-worthy at the time.

The mum-of-one also explained why she chose to wear that skintight pink latex dress just days after announcing her second pregnancy. ‘This outfit is actually really comfortable but I know I don’t have much longer to wear this’, she told Hollywood Life. ‘It was hanging in my closet and I was like, “Do I wear this now because it still fits me and I can’t wear it much longer?”

Sounds like as good a reason as any to us!

But worse than hanging up her heels is what pregnancy number two is doing to her eating regime. Morning sickness, anyone? 

> Kim Kardashian admits she won’t leave the house without her maternity SPANX


‘I’m not looking to keep up that pre-pregnancy energy level this time’, she said. ‘I think you need to go with being tired, with what your body tells you, and rest when you need to. I’m at that stage of pregnancy where everything is making me sick, even just the smell of things.’

Poor lamb! And after openly admitting she put on weight during her first pregnancy, it sounds like Kim will be watching what she eats this time round, too.

She continued: ‘But once I get past that, I’m really going to try to enjoy this pregnancy more and relax with it. And skip the donuts! With my first pregnancy I had a donut every morning. That’s not a good idea. I feel like I’m eating much healthier this time.’

> A donut a day? Yes please!


A donut a day?! Sounds like dreamy pregnant lady behaviour to us.

Kim went on to reveal that she is not ‘heavily working out’ right now, as well as admitting she’s been wearing special maternity SPANX under EVERYTHING. Oh, and her baby’s due in December. Aw!

We love your honesty, Kimmy. Flying the flag for pregnant-ladies-with-problems around the globe.