Kim Kardashian On What You’ll NEVER See On Her Instagram

Kim Kardashian has revealed a lesser-known secret about her Instagram account, which now boasts 37.1 million followers.

In a new talk at the Cannes Lions Festival in France, the 34-year-old outlined that amongst her many selfies, bikini snaps and photos of North, there’s one type of post you’ll never see on her account. 

> Kim Kardashian bigs up the fact that she feels her Instagram account is authentic


‘You have to be authentic’, Kim said. ‘There’s nothing I can’t stand more than when Instagram becomes very promotional. I know that a lot of my brands might get frustrated that I don’t promote as much as they would like but I only do it if it’s authentic.’

In fact, the reality TV star is so against brands using her Instagram page as a way of boosting sales that she now has a clause in all her endorsements that keeps her account off limits.


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> Photos of North and her family make up much of what’s on Kim’s Instagram page


‘I think I’ve stayed true to exactly what I want my Instagram to be. I do what I want and put out what I want to put out.’

The pregnant star added: ‘Maybe I post too many bikini selfies for some people, but my Instagram is exactly what I want.’

> The only product Kim *will* plug are her favourite Kanye West Yeezus trainers… obv


‘I’ve actually unfollowed people who post too many brand-related Instagram pictures because I don’t believe in it. I can smell it a mile off.’

With so many celebrities these days plugging beauty products, diet pills and fashion brands on a regular basis, it’s kind of refreshing to see that Kim’s page remains untouched.

The 34-year-old also described a typical day in her life, which now largely revolves around daughter North. 

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> Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pucker up for a cute couples’ Instagram pic


‘I have my daughter now so I get up at 6am and answer emails before she gets up’, she revealed. ‘Luckily I have a partner who gets up just as early, so that works.’ 

‘Then I work out my style, do some family stuff and then we film throughout the day. I send emails through the night so a lot of people hear from me at crazy hours.’

> Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account has always been extremely personal to her


And despite being one of the most famous women on earth, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star maintains she’s still managed to stay grounded, with manners being of the upmost importance in her life.

‘I always say, don’t be late’, she continued. ‘I tell my team I don’t want a rider and I just want to turn up with as few people as possible and most importantly, just be gracious.

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> Family plays a big part on Kim’s Instagram account, while she steers clear of promotional posts