11 ’00s Kim Kardashian Looks She’d NEVER Wear Now

Kim Kardashian has a wealthy catalogue of amazing outfits, some of which harp back to our very own ’00s wardrobes. 

We’re throwing back to some of the reality star’s earliest appearances, before she become one of the world’s most famous women. Oh, nostalgia… 

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1. Jeans on a red carpet? 



These days the Kim Kardashian we know and love is much more likely to opt for a full length sheer gown, sometimes with feathers. 

2. Rows and rows of bling



2015 Kim has been reaching for her luxe choker necklace. 

3. Yanking your top down to show off your bra?



We have to say that we do not remember this being a trend, but it seems that Kimmy got the memo. 

4. Tree trunk jeans 



Obviously fashion trends change, and although flares are firmly back en vogue, we can’t imagine Kim-K in a baggy double denim combo these days… 

5. White knee high boots 



Every noughties girl’s staple. We doubt anyone is rushing to dust them off in a hurry… 

6. Velour tracksuits



Come on, ‘fess up, we ALL had one in the ’00s, right? Possibly in quite an array of colours (sigh). 

But we cannot imagine the Kim Kardashian of today EVER being caught out and about in one of these.

And those flip flops just top it off… 

7. …See, even Khloe had one



We’re in good company, girls. 

8. Retro Kim was still shopping up a storm 



But we’d be surprised to see her sporting the side ponytail these days. 

9. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star isn’t so much about the bright prints anymore… 



Black, black, nude, and more black, darling. 

10. Beachwear as eveningwear?



This took boho to a whole new level. 

11. School girl chic



Oh, memories…