Kim Kardashian Looks *Totally* Different In New Advert

Thought we’d seen already seen every side of Kim Kardashian? Well, so did we.

But the 34-year-old looks *majorly* different in her new advert for Hype energy drinks. In fact, the clip sees her dress up in a number of crazy costumes.

The three minute-long commercial starts off with Kim channelling Audrey Hepburn by enjoying a bike ride (with cans of Hype in her basket, natch) in an all-black ensemble.

She’s even rocking a faux fringe, making her more than resemble the iconic star in 1954 film Sabrina.

> Audrey Hepburn made this look iconic in 1954’s Sabrina


Unfortunately, Kim then falls off her bike, knocks herself out and ends up in a trippy dream-like sequence. And that’s where things get really interesting.

She becomes a Marie Antoinette-inspired character, sporting a huge white-blonde bouffant wig, chalky make-up and rosy cheeks.

Her eyebrows and lashes are both pale and she’s been dressed in a traditional ruffled gown and striped shoes. Kim without a perfectly bronzed complexion?! That’s something we never thought would happen.

> Kim Kardashian tries a Marie Antoinette look


But it only gets stranger.

> Proof that baggy clothes DO look great on Kim Kardashian


We then see a futuristic Kimmy, who’s working a multicoloured leotard with metallic detailing and a very intricate plaited ‘do. After that, she changes into a pair of thigh-high lace-up boots and a baggy graphic tee.

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> Kim Kardashian works a short ‘do


Ooh. And is that another different hairstyle? Yep. This time, Kim’s been given a wavy dark bob.

She keeps this look when she slips into a snakeskin PVC dress. Miaow. The clip was filmed before she announced her second pregnancy and her body looks seriously ah-mazing.

> Kim Kardashian is racy in PVC


Kim does wear ONE outfit that makes her a tad more recognisable. At one point in the film, she’s been decked out in a clingy white midi dress.

> Kim Kardashian slips into one of her favoured form-fitting dresses


Remind you of anything? Kim’s work a number of similar designs while expecting her and Kanye West’s little boy.

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> Kim Kardashian has been wearing lots of figure-hugging midis


Hey, if it works!

Watch the advert below…