What’s It REALLY Like To Ask Kimye For A Selfie?

Have you ever wondered what it’s actually like to meet Kim Kardashian or Kanye West face-to-face?

Well, a dozen super fans found out when Kim arranged for them to fly out to California to spend a special 35th birthday brunch with her. 

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kim kardashian taking selfie with fan What’s it *really* like to take a selfie with Kim Kardashian?


‘I just had the best brunch today I flew out every fan I follow on social media to celebrate my birthday!!!’ she tweeted on Saturday. ‘I loved putting all of the faces with the names & am so grateful for all of the fan accounts!’

And one particular fan, Zeinab Najm, who helps run fan account @TeamKanyeDaily, decided to spill all about her experience. Namely, what it’s like to take selfies with Kim and Kanye, who joined later on with North. 

Kim and Kanye flew fans into a special brunch in LA over the weekend Kim and Kanye flew fans into a special brunch in LA over the weekend


‘She took [the selfies] on her phone because she has this light she uses,’ Zeinab told MTV about Kim. ‘She was using angles and the way she had her arm open, she’s a pro. She really is.’ 

So, what’s this special selfie-snapping device Kim employs for picture perfect snaps? ‘It was so cool’, Najm explained. ‘Her case has a light around her phone so no matter when you take it, there’s always good lighting. So, she [took] it normal at first and then she tilted it.’ Genius!

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Zeinab Najm finally gets her selfie with Mr Kanye West... Zeinab Najm finally gets her selfie with Mr Kanye West…


Zeinab also dished the dirt on her selfie with Kanye – the notorious unsmiler. 

‘I took one selfie with him,’ she said. ‘I was the only one who asked him for a selfie. I’m like, “I need a selfie.” I asked him if he was gonna smile for the picture. He was like, “Me not smiling is my smile.’”


Zeinab Najm Kanye told Zeinab that his smile is not to smile… Oh, okay then


‘He kind of smiled, if you look at it,’ she added. ‘I don’t know. It’s not a real smile, but it was so crazy.’

So there you have it. Special iPhone lights and no smiles from Kanye. Thanks for the inside scoop, Najm!

kim kardashian and kanye west kiss at his epic proposal *Sigh* We’d love to meet Kimye one day…