What’s It REALLY Like To Ask Kimye For A Selfie?

Have you ever wondered what it’s actually like to meet Kim Kardashian or Kanye West face-to-face?

Well, a dozen super fans found out when Kim arranged for them to fly out to California to spend a special 35th birthday brunch with her. 

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> What’s it *really* like to take a selfie with Kim Kardashian?


‘I just had the best brunch today I flew out every fan I follow on social media to celebrate my birthday!!!’ she tweeted on Saturday. ‘I loved putting all of the faces with the names & am so grateful for all of the fan accounts!’

And one particular fan, Zeinab Najm, who helps run fan account @TeamKanyeDaily, decided to spill all about her experience. Namely, what it’s like to take selfies with Kim and Kanye, who joined later on with North. 

> Kim and Kanye flew fans into a special brunch in LA over the weekend


‘She took [the selfies] on her phone because she has this light she uses,’ Zeinab told MTV about Kim. ‘She was using angles and the way she had her arm open, she’s a pro. She really is.’ 

So, what’s this special selfie-snapping device Kim employs for picture perfect snaps? ‘It was so cool’, Najm explained. ‘Her case has a light around her phone so no matter when you take it, there’s always good lighting. So, she [took] it normal at first and then she tilted it.’ Genius!

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> Zeinab Najm finally gets her selfie with Mr Kanye West…


Zeinab also dished the dirt on her selfie with Kanye – the notorious unsmiler. 

‘I took one selfie with him,’ she said. ‘I was the only one who asked him for a selfie. I’m like, “I need a selfie.” I asked him if he was gonna smile for the picture. He was like, “Me not smiling is my smile.’”


> Kanye told Zeinab that his smile is not to smile… Oh, okay then


‘He kind of smiled, if you look at it,’ she added. ‘I don’t know. It’s not a real smile, but it was so crazy.’

So there you have it. Special iPhone lights and no smiles from Kanye. Thanks for the inside scoop, Najm!

> *Sigh* We’d love to meet Kimye one day…