Kim Kardashian Leads The Pack In Sexy Facetime Shoot

Kim Kardashian has gone and done it again. Her body confidence and love of the camera is something we know and admire. 

But when we saw the shots from her latest collaboration with Interview Magazine, we did a double take. But in a good way. 

>Pictures: @mertalas


Shot with an iPhone, Kim Kardashian took part in a new photoshoot with her favourite photographer Mert Alas, using the medium of Facetime. The shots, that have been released on Instagram, show the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star writhing around in her sister Kourtney’s bed (yes, really), posing seductively whilst on a call with the photographer. 

She captioned her first shot: “The awkward moment when Kourtney walks into her room & I’m in her bed taking selfies….but little does she know I’m doing a photo shoot for @InterviewMag face timing with one of my fave photographers @mertalas #InterviewGang”



It’s a pretty clever statement surrounding the modern day use of camera phones and the idea of the digital celebrity. The issue is focusing on the ‘most powerful personalities on the internet’, and as the reigning queen of social media, it totally made sense for Kim to be a central part of it. 

The magazine, founded by the defining artist Andy Warhol back in ’69, is known for pushing creative boundaries – and Warhol’s love of celebrity is clearly still present today. The photo series, which spans eight different covers, features different celebrity faces in their very own self portraits, all shot in the same way. 



The aptly named #InstaGang, lead by Kim-K, also includes Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik – all major players in the digital celebrity movement. 

Miley’s photographs also capture her wild and risque side, whilst Zayn Malik appears to show his more sensative side in an emotive raw snap. 



Victoria Beckham, who includes her family in the backdrop of her selfie, and Jennifer Lopez also feature in the series. 




By Laura Jane Turner