Kim Kardashian Goes On A Selfie Spree With A Difference

Sisters. You can’t pick them, right Rob Kardashian? 

Unluckily for the  27-year-old, he had his phone swiped and his Instagram account hacked by big sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloe, resulting in a series of comical selfies from the two troublemakers.

‘Guess who?????’ Kim kicked off, writing alongside a close-up selfie of her sticking out her tongue. ‘I’m with Robbie and I took his phone!’

Next came another sultry shot of Kim in a black leather-look shirt, all thick dark brows, white-lined eyes and fluttery lashes.

‘I’m looking thru all of his text messages and WOW just WOW ladies’, she wrote cheekily alongside selfie #2.  

In a final update for her brother’s fans, selfie-obsessed Kim explained why she opted to only upload photos of herself to his account. ‘Since Rob doesn’t post selfies I think I should!’ she noted. ‘He might delete them soon since he’s a tweeter and deleter.’

Seemingly unaware of his sisters’ hijacking scheme, Rob then foolishly allowed Khloe to take charge of his mobile. 

‘Koko take over’, Khloe posted as she gazed seductively into the lens, hair draped over one eye as she lounged on a bed. 

LOLs. Yet more proof that underneath it all, the Kardashian fam are just as silly as us. 

And what was in those texts?! Oh Robert, you dark, dark horse…

By Robyn Munson