Kim Kardashian And Her Super Sexy Co-Ords Are Back

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Kim Kardashian may have had to cover up whilst in her ancestral home of Armenia, but now that she’s landed in Paris, it’s straight back to those flesh-baring outfits. 

The 34-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star swapped her loose-fitting harem trousers and wrap tops for a racy slate grey two-piece with a camel coat thrown over the minute she touched down in the French capital with hubby Kanye West.

kim kardashian in a sexy slate grey peekabo bra and skirt out in Paris Kim Kardashian’s sexy Paris outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination…


Spotted enjoyed a bit of shopping at Montaigne’s in Paris, Kim was firmly back to her yummy mummy status in that peekabo bralet top and matching skintight pencil skirt, topped off with barely there tan heels.

But despite looking gorgeously groomed and glamorous, the mum-of-one insists it only takes her a mere 15 minutes to do her make-up every morning. Impressive work!

‘It takes me about 15 minutes to do my own make-up’, she recently told Harper’s Bazaar. ‘After hair and makeup, getting dressed is 10 or 15 minutes; it doesn’t take me long.’ That’s less than half the time it takes half-sister Kylie Jenner... Who would have thought?!

kim kardashian make-up selfie blue eyeliner Kim Kardashian says her make-up only takes her 15 minutes every morning


The reality TV star also admitted that her and Kanye are both into healthy eating, yet are ‘always on different diets.’ In fact, she went on to reveal that their shared nutritionist actually ‘changes our diet every 10 days.’ Blimey.

And with her hectic time schedule, does she really ever get time to sleep? Well, yes, actually. Revealing she turns in between 10pm and 11pm, Kim continued:

kim kardashian in harem pants in armenia Kim Kardashian has been sporting a much more demure look on her recent holiday to Armenia


‘I always fall right to sleep. I’m usually so tired, I just pass out’.

‘I sleep with my Blackberry, my iPhone, and the baby monitor next to my bed,’ she added. So that explains all those sultry in-bed selfies, then…

Kim Kardashian in camel dress in Armenia Kim Kardashian spent a few days in Armenia with sister Khloe