Kim Kardashian Is Set To Go Up The Aisle Again

Nothing has stolen the world’s attention quite like Kim Kardashian‘s wedding gown.

For months, we speculated over the designer, the cut, the shape, the style… And for once, Kim had put herself on a selfie ban, keeping all of the details under lock and key. That was, until the big day itself was filmed for their hit TV show’s season finale.



The bespoke Givenchy gown sure was a thing of beauty, perfectly accentuating the reality star’s impeccable curves.

Now, with the news that Kim and Kanye could be set to go up the aisle again, we’re right back where we started, wondering about what the ‘bride’ will wear…


According to reports, the couple will be renewing their wedding vows in the world’s most romantic city. It has been claimed that the Yeezus rapper is planning to hire out the Eiffel Tower for the ceremony – only the best for Kimmy-K, eh?

The starlet was last spotted out and about in a white dress. In a super casual bodycon style, we highly doubt that this is what she’ll be planning for her second big day, but it’s helping to fuel our sartorial excitement…

Kim Kardashian showed off her Kim Kardashian showed off her “fave @FaithConnexionParis dress”


The power couple first tied the knot back in 2014 in Florence, Italy, making this their first year anniversary. No paper for this pairing.

Kim has expressed the significance of Paris in past interviews, revealing: “We fell in love in Paris… and then I got pregnant with our daughter in Florence.”

Kanye has already proved himself to be a fan of the big gesture, recently arranging a hotel room of flowers for his wife to arrive to in Brazil. And it didn’t stop there.

Kanye surprised his wife with flowers to her hotel room Kanye surprised his wife with flowers to her hotel room


Kim took to Instagram to share another loveable moment: “So I get to a restaurant in São Paulo & my husband had a string quartet waiting playing Sam Smith!!!!! Every single waiter who brought food said “This is from Mr. West for the best mother in the world”! Seriously I have the best husband ever!!!!”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star recently said of their upcomming anniversary: “He always has something up his sleeve, he always has something planned, so I don’t put it past him to do something really special.”

We have no doubt, KKW….

By Laura Jane Turner