The Crazy Cost Of Kiernan Shipka’s Coachella Wardrobe

As we looked through this year’s Coachella fashion there was one new style star that stood out from the crowd. Yep, we’re talking about Kiernan Shipka. The 16 year old star – most well known for her role in Mad Men – popped up at a number of different Coachella parties, each time wearing another winner of an outfit. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that looking this good does not come cheap – nearly £10,000 to be precise. And that’s just the price of the outfits she was papped wearing…

So how did it all add up? Here’s what she wore… 

1. Pastel Dior Tunic

For the PopSugar kick-off party Kiernan gave the classic Coachella uniform of hotpants and crop top a high fashon makeover. Yep, Kiernan wore Dior to the desert. A Christina Dior SS16 crop top, shorts and cotton overlay to be specific – an ensemble that set her back £5350. Kiernan paired the elegant get-up with a pair of silver Stella McCartney flatforms worth £645.

Outfit total: £5995

2. Denim Valentino Two Piece

Here Kiernan shunned the festival sterotype of denim cut-offs instead opting for a pair of pretty butterfly embroidered denim shorts which she wore with a cute matching crop top. For Suki Waterhouse’s Levis party Kiernan partenered her Valentino ensemble – worth a cool £3980 – with her faithful Stella flatforms (£512). 

Outfit total: £4492

3. Rebecca Taylor Sun Dress And Sneakers 



When partying at the Revolve Desert event Kiernan wore her most modest of outfit ensembles. Well, modest for her standards… The teen swapped her Stella flatforms for a pair of comfy New Balance (£76) and wore a beaut flowing floral midi from New Zealand designer Rebecca Taylor (£512). 


Outfit total: £588 

By Elizabeth Bennett