Khloe Kardashian’s Jewellery Storage Solution Is Genius

We knew Khloe Kardashian was organised, but this? Well, she’s just taken her organisational skills to a whole new level with her epic new jewellery storage solution.

The 31-year-old has just posted an amazing new video on her website, showing 1) her to-die-for walk-in-wardrobe (lined with shoes), and 2) just how impressive her jewellery stash is.

Entitled, ‘KHLO-C-D: Jewelry Organisation’, the clip shows Khloe revealing her #1 jewellery storage secret. And it’s a good one.

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> Simply take an iPhone snap (and print it out) to stick on the outside of the box


To keep her necklaces/bracelets/rings safe, Khloe simply grabs a clear square photo storage box and holds it up, saying: ‘This is actually for photos, organise it as you will.’

She then pops her item of jewellery inside, and – get this – sticks a photo of it on the front, taken on her iPhone. We’ve heard of people doing that with shoes and shoeboxes, but jewellery? This is a new one!

‘When I saw all these boxes I was like perfect! Let’s organise with this!’, Khloe explains.

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> Khloe, that has to be one of the most organised wardrobes we’ve ever seen


‘So, I decided to take four earring per box — my hoops, my Khlo-money hoops — and I took pictures from my iPhone, printed them out, and I taped each picture to the box, so when I’m looking, I can say, “Ok, so I don’t have to open every single box.

‘It’s a little insert and I know what’s in here just by the pictures.’ We have to say, this makes A LOT of sense. How many times have all of your gold chains got in a complete tangle and you can’t tell which is which?

Your junkyard jewellery box is about to thank you (and Khloe Kardashian)…

Watch the video below!

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