Khloe Kardashian Reveals The One Thing She Cut From Her Diet

Khloe Kardashian has had quite the body transformation this year, and now, she’s opened up about how she got there.

The 31-year-old obviously stepped up her gym regime to achieve her new look, but admits that mostly, it was a particular change to her diet that was responsible for her body makeover.

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khloe kardashian red dress Khloe cut out milk and dairy and dropped 11 pounds


‘I’m obsessed with cheese and milk, but eliminating them from my diet made the biggest difference,’ Khloe revealed to NewBeauty.

‘In a month and a half, I lost 11 pounds just from not eating dairy, without doing anything else different, and that totally blew my mind.’  


khloe kardashian catsuit Khloe’s feeling more confident than ever, thanks to her new healthy lifestyle


On top of her shutting out dairy, Khloe also added a few things to her diet to boost her complexion. 

‘I’m way healthier now than I ever was. I stay really hydrated by drinking five liters of water and taking vitamins every single day,’ she continued. 

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khloe kardashian waist trainers Khloe and her sisters working their waist trainers on Instagram


And as for that gym regime? Well, we all know that Kardashian trainer Gunnar Peterson has been working closely with Khloe to whip her body into shape.

‘Working out also makes my skin look better – everything looks better,’ she said.

khloe kardashian lips Khloe says Kylie inspired her to over-line her lips…


As well as talking fitness, Khloe also admitted that she looks to little sister Kylie Jenner for make-up inspiration.

‘I love how she does her make-up – because of her I’m into drawing around my lips,’ Khloe confessed. 

The reality TV star also let her fans in on a secret – those blonde locks? They’re actually kind of natural.

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khloe kardashian makeup Khloe admits she’s inspired by sister Kylie Jenner’s make-up skills…


Despite the common assumption that all of the Kardashian/Jenners were born with those glossy, dark, Armenian locks, Khloe reveals that she’s actually the blonde sheep of the family. 

‘The funny thing is that everyone thinks I’m naturally dark because all of my siblings are, but I’m naturally dirty blonde,’ Khloe said.

khloe kardashian blonde hair Khloe reveals she’s actually a natural blonde!


‘Tracey Cunningham does my colour, and little by little my ombré turned into more of a rooted blonde, and then it got lighter and lighter. I love how I stand out more as a blonde – it makes me feel bright and healthy.’

Khloe’s clearly feeling sassier than ever, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

khloe kardashian gym Khloe’s been working hard with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson