Kendall & Kylie Jenner Get Wolfy

Kendall & Kylie Style Up Their Edgy Winter Collection

When you hear Kendall and Kylie Jenner have launched another line of something stylish, you know even just a tiny part of you will be interested (those of you shaking your head – you’ve already clicked on this story- busted!) and we can’t deny our love for this new winter collection they have created with cool clothing retailer Pacsun. 

With wardrobes basics like distressed skinnies and a shearling vest for just a touch over 40 quid, this really is a collection you can think about investing in. The range also includes texture-of-the-moment velvet, as well as some cool winter floral dresses and bohemian wide leg trousers, plus ‘BEST’ ‘BITCHES’ tees, that will likely sell out by the time you’ve finished reading this article…

Kylie & Kendall Jenner Wear New Winter Clothing Line For Pacsun

Pacsun says ‘The Kendall & Kylie Holiday collection features the essence of the ‘it-girl’ winter wardrobe. From super soft cosy sweaters and uber-cool graphic tees, this collection creates a stylish representation of the girls’ favourite pieces. Dark winter floral prints and daring graphics are balanced by soft winter whites and lace fabrications, creating the perfect balance between soft silhouettes and edgy styling.’ 

But it’s not just the Lapland influenced imagery that we love; the 1 min video sees the sisters side by side in moody lighting wearing their favourite pieces from the collection. So it’s a tad spooky, but it just adds to all the edge the Jenner’s ooze on a daily basis, like seriously, who can pull off a static pose avec wolves as well as these hot chicks? 

Watch the vid and decide for yourself. Our verdict? Still obsessed with the K’s.