Kendall Jenner Is Not Impressed With Kylie’s Attitude

Kendall Jenner might seem like the most independent of all of the Kardashian/Jenners, but don’t think she doesn’t miss her sister Kylie a lot more than she lets on…

The 20-year-old model seems to have been getting a little frustrated with her little sister recently, and in a new clip from Keeping Up WithThe Kardashians, we see Kendall getting upset after Kylie seems reluctant to hang out with her.

Kylie is due to spend a family day with her sister and Caitlyn Jenner at a race track, but the minute Kendall arrives, Kylie announces she’s leaving to go hang out with her friends.  

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> Kylie has been spending a lot of time with boyfriend Tyga and her friends


‘I actually can’t believe that Kylie’s leaving right now, just because we never get to spend time with each other,’ Kendall is seen saying in an interview on the show.

‘I travel a tonne for work and even when I’m home in LA., I feel like I don’t really get to see Kylie as often as I’d like to and to have a moment to spend time with your dad and your sister – I would take it.’

Aw. Poor KJ. The catwalk strutter then turns to Caitlyn to try and make sense of her sister’s sudden departure. 

> Kendall gets cross when Kylie abandons their family race day early


‘She probably saw the opportunity that you were occupied and she could go home and do whatever she wants to do’, she said. ‘If I’m being honest, she was here for you and saw that I was here and felt it was her opportunity to leave and be with her friends.’

She added frustratedly: ‘She doesn’t have her priorities straight.’

This isn’t the first time that Kendall has got upset over Kylie’s thoughtlessness, either – earlier this week, we saw another episode filmed during a family holiday in St Barts. 

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> Kendall tells Caitlyn that Kylie ‘doesn’t have her priorities straight’


When Kylie secretly invites boyfriend Tyga and then proceedes to spend half of the holiday lounging on his lap and ignoring her family, Kendall kicks off. 

‘You could have taken this time to be with your family’, she slammed to her sister. 

We know that all sisters bicker, and these two have always had their squabbles, but still… We do hope they work it out soon. She just misses you, Kylie!

> Kendall might be an independent jet-setter, but she still misses her sisters…