Kendall Jenner’s Fave Instagram Account Is A Surprise

Kendall Jenner is a sucker for Instagram stalking just like the rest of us. Only, the Instagram page she likes the most really isn’t what you’d expect…

Because while we’re busy tapping Jenner’s account to keep up to date with her glamorous model life, she’s busy lusting after mega mansions on @BossHomes. Seriously. 

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‘They just post sick mansions and I think it’s really cool,’ Kendall told Teen Vogue when asked what her favourite Instagram account was. ‘I weirdly love interior design and real estate and all of that… I really do. I get chills from it.’

It’s not like the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is doing too bad on the property front herself. The 19-year-old owns a $1.4 million high-rise condo in LA (no too shabby for a teenager), and even had a hand in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s recent renovation.



‘I was always going to the construction site and just looking at everything,’ she said. 

And after one browse of the Boss Homes account, we can see the appeal. Because who doesn’t love looking at some of the most ridiculous houses in existence?

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From sprawling water villas in the Maldives to incredible gothic mansions with rows and rows Ferraris parked outside, it’s totally indulgent, but seriously fun to look at.

And it also might give us some clues as to the kind of decor KJ favours.


This so the kind of vayvay we’d expect the Kardashians to jet off on… Actually, doesn’t their annual Barbados hang-out look seriously similar to this?


Sleek white lines, wooden floors and huge comfy couches – this has Kylie written all over it.


This is definitely one of our favourites. Twinkling fairylights, wall-to-floor windows, a pool table and a hidden house built into a hill… We’re moving in.

Thanks for the new Insta-obsession, Kendall…