Kendall Jenner’s Body Is About To Get Way More Famous

> Kendall Jenner is rumoured to be the new face and body of Calvin Klein


Kendall Jenner is rumoured to have just scored one of her biggest fashion contracts to date  – she’s the new face of Calvin Klein.

It’s the all-American label that’s worked with some of the most legendary style icons in history, including Kate Moss and Lara Stone. And now, the 19-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is the latest to impress.

Sources have told Page Six that Kendall has signed on to be the face (and body) for the underwear brand. And we’re not surprised. 

>Instagram"> Kendall Jenner’s been working her #MyCalvins for years now on Instagram


Who can forget the model’s #MyCalvins Instagram snap from last year that nearly broke the Internet? Yep, us neither. In fact, Jenner’s been working her CK wares on Instagram for years.

And with her inherent laid-back cool and love of a classic shirt and well-fitting jeans, Kendall seems the perfect fit for the US heritage brand. 

Justin Bieber was their surprise pick of last year, with him and Ms Stone appearing on billboards in a steamy clinch for Calvin Klein Jeans, so we can’t wait to see what they do with Kendall.

> Justin Bieber and Lara Stone were the new faces of Calvin Klein Jeans last year


In other news, Kendall’s just revealed her biggest model problem to Walking in heels, due to her rather unusual feet…

”t’s kind of painful! I’ll be honest’, she said, before admitting: ‘I have the longest toes in the world; they’re spider toes. They are. I have spider fingers, too! So they’re kind of being crunched right now.’

> Kendall Jenner explains the truth behind *that* signature red carpet pose


Kendall also confessed why we always see her working the same pose on the red carpet, which involves her crossing one foot behind the other in cool nonchalance.

‘It’s because the shoes are good. They’re Manolo Blahniks’, she says, explaining why she’s able to strut so well in heels. ‘And they’re high. So I switch off from one foot to another a lot, like this. [She crosses one foot behind the other in her now-signature pose.] You have to keep moving your feet!’