The Unlikely Shoes Kendall Jenner Is Obsessed With

Kendall Jenner has made a name for herself as one of the most stylish stars in the biz. Sure, she’s got all of the top designers practically begging her to rock their latest designs, but she’s not your regular label clothes horse. Whether she’s wearing Topshop or Balmain, it’s the way she styles out her entire look that gets is every time.

And while we reckon she could pull anything off (you know the bin bag scenario? Yep, she’d have that down), even we were surprised at her latest shopping fix.

We clocked the super as she indulged in some retail therapy with her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, sporting the most unlikely of shoes – a pair of tan Uggs. And since then she’s been all over Instagram snapping pics of her new fave shoes too. She clearly can’t get enough of the comfy boots.

It goes without saying that we’ve got a lot of love for Uggs – they blew up as the It shoe of the millennium (basically) back in the early Noughties but since then, our trusty pairs have found their way to the back of our wardrobes where they’ve been gathering dust ever since Justin and Britney called it quits. However, after seeing Kendall donning hers – and matching them with a seriously cosy looking sheepskin hat – we reckon it’s high time we dig ours out and start showing them some major love once again.

Make like the 20-year-old icon and work them with skinny jeans and a khaki bomber jacket for the ultimate off-duty combo.

All hail Queen Kendall.