Kendall Jenner Turns ’80s Disco Beach Goddess For Mario

Instgram: @MarioTestino

Kendall Jenner‘s shoots are getting more and more interesting by the day.

For her latest spread with Allure Magazine, the 19-year-old model is seen rocking some seriously ’80s disco hair, with her poker straight locks replaced with a bouncy brown wig. 

If her high volume J Lo hair wasn’t enough, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is also seen working a series of sexy swimsuits, including a skimpy cut-out number and a latticed all-in-one. Racy.

Instagram: @KrisJenner


Between posing with her cute little monkey friend (who is none other than Ross from Friends’ loveable pet capuchin, Marcel!), and showing off her incredible swimsuit bod in front of Mario Testino’s talented lens, Kendall also took the time to explain a few things. 

When asked about why her half-sister Kim Kardashian hadn’t been allowed to attend any of her Fashion Week shows, including Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy, the reality TV star confessed. 

‘As selfish as this sounds, I wanted the attention to be on me for five seconds rather than my family. If they were sitting front row, it would have been all about, “Oh, Kim goes to Kendall’s first fashion show!”

Instagram: @KendallJenner


 ‘I love Kim, but for a minute I wanted it to be like, “OK, this is [Kendall’s] thing – and she’s taking it seriously.”‘ That’s honesty right there.  

And she’s got a strong opinion on tattoos, too. ‘I have a really weird thing about ‘forever’. And my sister Kim always said, “Don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley.”‘ 

Check out Testino’s behind-the-scenes video for more candid Kendall…