Kendall Jenner Fooled Us All With This Modelling Secret

Kendall Jenner returned to catwalk form last night at the Chanel SS16 Couture show in Paris.

The 19-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star walked the runway in a dramatic black ball gown boasting a plunging front and heavy chain mail straps.

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But it was her hair and makeup that had people talking – a gigantic Princess Leia bun and fierce over-the-eye Cleopatra-style eyeliner? Super edgy, super cool. 

As usual, Kendall looked totally at ease as she did her thing on the Paris runway, but ever since her recent confession, we can’t help but admire her supermodel strut even more.

On a new blog post on her website called “Learning” To Model, the teenager admits that she’s actually had ZERO training when it comes to modelling. Say what?!



‘I never took any modeling classes’, Kendall wrote. ‘It was definitely something I just had to learn over time. Honestly, I think the only way you really learn how to model is just experiencing it and being involved in it, doing different shoots. I never really had a desire to take classes, either – it was just 100 percent experience.’

Knowing how much she always dreamed of being a model (we can thank those old episodes of KUWTK for that), we’re surprised at this. Surely Kris Jenner would have thrown KJ into any modelling classes possible on her way up?

Well, no, according to Kendall. In fact, she says she simply learnt from her ’90s idols.

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‘Before I started seriously modeling, I would watch all of the ’90s supermodels and kind of copy what they did’, she admitted. ‘So, when I went in for the first time to show my walk to my agents, it was that hip-sway strut. They were like, “No, no, no! Times have changed!” After that, it took time to find and perfect my own walk, which is more current.’

So basically, Kendall was just born with it? *Sigh*. There really is no end to this girl’s talents. Still, Kendall admits that it’s still taken some fine tuning for her to feel totally confident on the catwalk. 



‘When I first started out, I was very stiff and trying really hard to do a specific walk’, she confessed. ‘Then, once I got more comfortable with myself and my career, I kind of mixed the new with what I had learned before to create a happy medium. I love my walk now – I’ve found one that I think fits the style of today.’

Yep, she’s nailed it. Even more kudos to you after reading that, KJ.