Kendall Jenner On The Upsetting Side Of Modelling

Kendall Jenner might be one of the most sought-after models of the moment, but

The 19-year-old has been blazing a trail down the most luxe runways of New York Fashion Week over the past few weeks – so it’s safe to say she’s still very much in demand.

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But in a new blog post on her website called ‘How I Handle Model Castings‘, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star admits that it doesn’t always go her way. 

‘I haven’t been to a casting in a while, but when I used to go, they were very last minute’, Kendall begins. ‘I just have to be ready when my agent texts me to say, “Be here at this time.” I go with my book, usually wearing all black, so I’m like a blank canvas that they can envision whatever they need.’ 


Kendall continues: ‘If not black, I’ll wear something really simple like jeans, heels and a basic shirt.’ 

Then, she explains what actually goes down during a casting. ‘You walk in and hand the people or designer your book and they ask you to walk. You walk, take a digital photo – and just like that, you’re out of there! It’s really quick once you get in, but sometimes you have to wait for what seems like forever.’

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However, whilst KJ might seem like the most laid-back, chilled out model in town, she admits that not getting booked can still make her really upset.

‘I don’t get nervous, but I can definitely get bummed when I’m not chosen’, she adimts. ‘Sometimes I just have to realise that a designer has a vision – maybe they just had something very specific in mind when casting.’ 

Explaining the coping method she uses to develop a thick skin, Kendall adds: ‘I have to say things to myself like, “It’s not that you’re not cute – maybe they just wanted someone shorter!”‘


‘Everyone just wants different things and different vibes. I can’t take it too personally. It’s a really big thing in this industry to not take things to heart because it can be really rough on you.’

Aww. Don’t feel bad, lady! It looks like plenty of people think you’re the hottest strutter of them all. Us included.