Kendall And Kylie Had A Pretty Bad Fight Before The ESPYs

It seems Kendall and Kylie Jenner bicker just as much as any other sisters.

In fact, they’ve gone one step further. In a clip from the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the pair get into a serious fight. EEK.

The drama takes place before they head out to the ESPYs, where their father Caitlyn Jenner was honoured with the Arthur Ashe Courage award.

> Caitlyn Jenner was honoured at the ESPYs in July


They’re getting ready at Kylie’s house, but unfortunately 20-year-old Kendall is having a bit of a wardrobe disaster.

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She tells her sibling that she doesn’t have a second outfit to wear after the show – and that she’s taken one of her dresses to change into.

> Kylie Jenner was NOT impressed


That won’t be a problem, right? Well, it seems it is. Kylie asks her assistant: ‘Is Kendall ready? She’s not taking any of my clothes, right?’

Over the upstairs banister, her assistant answers: ‘Just one brown random dress.’

Kylie seems pretty annoyed, pacing around the bottom floor (in that infamous Shady Zeineldine gold floor-sweeper) while Kendall struggles to sort out her clothing options upstairs.

> Kendall Jenner was clearly pretty angry. Eek!


She then exclaims: ‘She can’t wear that. That’s one of my favourite brown dresses.’

Kendall appears at the top of the stairs, sporting a sheer Alexandre Vauthier number. She isn’t going to take Kylie’s refusal lying down, shouting: ‘I’m not going to dinner likes this. I can’t sit.’

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> Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner arrived at the event together


Unfortunately, Kylie is adamant, replying: ‘So, you can go have someone go grab clothes from your house. Why would you want to wear something from my closet when you can have…’

Kendall interjects: ‘Because I can’t. We’re going straight from the show.’ Kylie retorts: ‘Yes, you can have someone drop s*** off.’

This is where things get majorly heated. Kylie adds: ‘You know it is not necessary to borrow my s***,’ before Kendall angrily retorts: ‘You’re just literally the biggest f***ing b*tch I’ve ever met.’

> Kendall Jenner seemed to have forgiven her little sister later on


She then comments to Kylie’s dogs: ‘I’m sorry your mom is such a c***.’ Um, wow.

Thankfully, the pair seemed to have made up by the time they posed on the red carpet together. Oh, sisters…