Time To Delve Deep Into The Mind Of Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is one of the more private of the Kardashian/Jenners sisters, which is why her new interview with H&M is all the more exciting. Ready to learn some things you never knew before?

The 19-year-old stars in the new campaign for H&M x Balmain, which is why the brand got to grill her on all things KJ.

From her go-to breakfast to her parenthood plans, it’s a real insight into the wonderful world of Kendall. Read and learn… 

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Favourite photographer

‘Everyone I have worked with is so incredibly talented! I have been very lucky to work with some real geniuses!’

Proudest career moment 

‘That I have been given this opportunity and to have been taken seriously by the industry.’

Favourite show

‘The Chanel [Pre Fall 2015] show in Austria, it reminded me of The Sound of Music, which was one of my favorite movies.’

Artist that gets her going on a shoot



Biggest creative outlet


Model icon

‘Christy Turlington.’

Beauty secret

‘Drinking lots of water and always washing my face before bed.’

How she keeps in shape

Resistance training and lots of cardio.’


Quick hair fix

‘Use texture spray.’

De-stress trick

‘To take a bath.’

Secret talent

‘More like a trick – putting my thumb completely behind my hand.’

Signature smell 



Favourite off-duty outfit

‘Jeans, pumps and a cool graphic tee.’

New obsession

‘Frozen Greek yogurt.’

Best beauty tip ever received

‘Always use eye cream and sunscreen.’

Favourite restaurant

‘Nobu in Malibu.’


Typical daily breakfast

‘Eggs, avocado and toast.’

What she packs on a flight

‘My blanket and pillow.’

Best advice ever received

‘Be on time!’


Favourite thing to shop for

‘[I love going to] Paris antique flea markets and bookstores for fashion coffee table books.’

What she’s learned from being a model


Dream for the future

‘Be a mom.’