Kendall And Kylie Jenner On Their Very Different Looks

We all know Kendall and Kylie Jenner have completely different styles.

Kendall, 19, tends to prefer dressing down on her off-duty days, often sporting casual go-to pieces such as ripped jeans, comfy crop tops, T-shirts and trainers.

> Kendall Jenner often opts for comfy ensembles


On the other hand, Kylie has become a total glamourpuss over the past couple of years.

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It’s not unusual to see the 18-year-old rocking sky-high heels, a plunging dress and a full face of flawless make-up as she pops to the shops. Miaow.

Being part of the Kardashian/Jenner family, both ladies (obviously) look absolutely gorge in whatever they wear. And when describing their fashion looks, they acknowledge that they’re polar opposites.

As Kendall tells Harper’s Bazaar: ‘I like to keep it simple and classy. I’m not like her [points to Kylie]. She can wear a full-blown gown to lunch. I like a whole Saint Laurent look. I’d call it cool.’

> Kylie Jenner loves dressing up


Hold up a second. Is Kendall throwing a teeny bit of shade at her little sister there?! Surely she’s not saying she’s not classy…?

Luckily, Kylie doesn’t seem too fazed by Kendall’s comment. She agrees: ‘I’ll wear heels and a dress to lunch.’

> Miranda Kerr is Kendall Jenner’s fashion inspo


When it comes to their style icons, the pair couldn’t be more different. While Kendall is in love with Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s wardrobes, Kylie is a bigger fan of their older sister Kim Kardashian‘s look.

‘I would want her whole closet if I could switch her shoe size,’ she gushes.

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They also have pretty different ideas when it comes to fashion nightmares.

> Kylie Jenner is envious of her big sis Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe


When asked what they’d never wear, Kendall – who’s a super-successful model – carefully says: ‘I never say never. Fashion is always evolving. And you just never know. ‘

However, Kylie is VERY quick to call out a particular print. She replies: ‘Zebra. Growing up, I was obsessed with zebra. In middle school, I had zebra carpet, pillows, and clothing – everything you could imagine.

‘So I am zebra’d out. I don’t care what company it is or who it is, I’m over zebra.’

Lolz. Take note when shopping for Christmas presents, Tyga…

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