Did You See Keds’ 100th Birthday Party?!

When it comes to birthday parties, what we witnessed last night blows every bash we’ve ever attended out of the water. We’re talking about Keds’ Centennial Celebration in New York City – yep, the footwear giant doesn’t do things by halves – which, along with several faces of the new Keds collective campaign (including Ciara and Allison Williams – eek!), we were lucky enough to attend!

Now, aside from the fact we now have a serious case of post-party sore heads, we’re here to give you a break down of what might be the best night we’ve EVER had… Not to rub it in.

You might not know it (we didn’t), but everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn wore Keds back in the day, and last night marked the brand’s 100th year in business. Now THAT’S an excuse to party if ever we saw one.

Allison Williams took on the role of host at Keds 100th birthday party




In pretty much every nook and cranny of the building stood a whole load of inspirational and drop-dead flippin’ gorgeous ladies (the brand is ALL about female empowerment), wearing equally amazing gowns and sipping on seriously tasty cocktails.


SEE: Taylor Swift’s Keds Campaign


In honour of the brand’s 2015 ‘Ladies First’ campaign starring Taylor Swift, the bar even served up a signature ‘Ladies First’ bevvy. Who knew spicy salt rims were a thing?!

It didn’t stop there – Girls star Allison Williams took on the role as the hostess with the mostess for the evening as we danced the night away with an exclusive performance from none other than uber-babe Ciara as our soundtrack. Her epic set was a string of her best tunes, finished off with a rendition of “Happy Birthday” especially for Keds, obvs.


The event included a signature ‘Ladies First’ cocktail in honour of their 2015 campaign




As for the kicks, Keds new boucle textures and OTT patterns make the classic trainer look so 2016. But don’t worry, the trademark blue and pastel hues are sticking around too, meaning the brand’s ‘something for everyone’ vibe is still going strong.

Now excuse us while we retreat back to our hotel room and gather our thoughts on all that amazingness. Happy 100 years Keds! You were brilliant.