Katy B’s V Festival 2011 Diary: Read It Here

This summer Katy B’s rocked 27 festivals, and as she made her V Festival 2011 debut, LOOK joined her backstage for some VIP fun. Lucky? Us? Hell, yeah! 

10.30am: Rise and shine! Today’s the day of my first-ever V Festival performance, and as I munch on some toast and jam for brekkie I’m feeling pretty relaxed. As a band we’ve done so many festivals this summer and we’ve really gelled, so I’m quite chilled.

1.30pm: In the minibus to Chelmsford with my boisterous band – Henry on keys, Tender Ed on the saxophone, Slick Nick on the trumpet and Junior on the drums. We haven’t seen each other for a while, so there’s lots of catching up to do, especially with my make-up artist, Victoria.

3pm: We’re approaching Hylands Park, the festival site, and I can’t believe how big it is! Time to sort out our security passes and get to the dressing room cabin. It’s tiny, but there’s a great atmosphere. I’m so excited! 

3.15pm: We head out to explore and come across the MAC make-up tent, so I treat myself to some fake lashes. Then it’s off for some food – pie and mash. 

4.15pm: I spot a pick and mix sweet stall and start raiding it when Plan B singer Ben Drew walks past, so we say a quick hello. I’ve never met him before, but I feel like I have from seeing him on TV! 

4.30pm: Into the Firetrap pop-up store where I pick up some freebie jumpers and a little bomber jacket. It’s nice to get free stuff, but I don’t take anything unless I genuinely like it. Stella McCartney once sent me some underwear after I did a PA at her party at Paris Fashion Week. She was really funny – she was at the front of the stage raving it up! I’m used to Primark underwear, so getting stuff from her range was amazing. 

5.55pm: To me

V Festival

makes me think of everyone making an effort with the way they dress and being more glamorous than the other festivals. Today, I go for a sparklier look than usual with a Tim Ryan fringed cardigan teamed with Topshop jeans and Vans trainers. I choose my accessories on the day, so I have a rummage through a massive bag of gold hoops I’ve brought from home. I nearly go for a silver pair, but decide to stick with the trusty gold ones. 

6.30pm: It’s time! Victoria makes a few finishing touches to my hair and make-up, then we jump in the artists’ minibus and speed off to the arena stage. The guys are warming up their instruments and I do some body stretches. I feel like a bit of an idiot doing them, but if I don’t I’ll pull a muscle with all the jumping around I do! 

7.10pm: Professor Green is on before me and the arena is packed. I’ve got butterflies! I open with a track called Louder and see a sea of hands in the air. Goosebump moment! When I sing Perfect Stranger, I shake a girl’s hand in the audience and she smiles back at me – people like her give me so much energy. OMG! I’ve just realised that my flies are undone! Thankfully, I’m away from the front of the stage, so hopefully the photographers haven’t got a cheeky snap! 

7.50pm: We do a 40-minute set and when it’s over it feels amazing. All I’ve drunk is water today, so we head to the Mahiki tent for a well-deserved coconut rum cocktail. V Festval is more glamorous and showbiz than other festivals, there’s no roughing it!

8.30pm: I bump into Tinie Tempah and he tells me he’s off to Ibiza soon to write some stuff for his new album. Weird! I’ve just been in a villa in Ibiza doing the same – it’s the inspiration isle!

It’s hard to believe how much can change in just a year. V Festival – another box ticked! 


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