Katie Holmes Just Reversed Her Met Gala Haircut

Oh Katie Holmes, you trickster. 

When the former Dawson’s Creek star sidled up to the 2015 Met Gala red carpet on Monday, all short shiny bob and fringe, we couldn’t believe she’d gone for such a drastic hair makeover right before one of fashion’s biggest events.

But one look at her hair stylist’s Instagram account appeared to confirm that yes she had gone for the snip, and no it wasn’t just a wig, because he was seen holding a pair of scissors to her long, dark ponytail.

‘Chop Chop! #MetGala #BTS BIG transformation!’ her stylist DJ Quintero even wrote next to the snap.

katie holmes with short hair bob and fringe at met gala 2015 Katie Holmes surprised us all when she turned up with a bob and bangs to the Met Gala on Monday


But now, the actress has come clean about her shocking new ‘cut’ by stepping out with her familiar long, brown locks at the Alterna Haircare event in New York just a day later. Oh.

Katie looked classic and gorgeous in blue jeans, a spotty white blouse and a pair of white and tan heels for an added dose of daywear glam.

And as for the hair? Yep, no bangs, no blunt shoulder-skimming cut, just Katie’s signature tumbling tresses, proving her Met Gala hoax really did fool us all.

katie holmes getting haircut on instagram Katie Holmes’ hair stylist tricked us even more by sharing this snap on Instagram


We’re not condoning Instagram trickery, but we’ve got to hand it to her – that was a good one. 

With so many stars – Jessica Alba, Kylie Jenner and Dakota Johnson to name but a few – going short this year, it wouldn’t be a bad move for Ms Holmes.

And with her big doe eyes, button nose and delicate bone structure, she’s one who could definitely pull off a bob/lob.

Was she just practising for the real thing? Let’s wait and see…