Kate Moss Compares Herself To Kerry Katona & Katie Price

Photos: Rex

You wouldn’t immediately think to compare supermodel Kate Moss with reality stars Katie Price and Kerry Katona, but in a rare personal interview, Ms Moss puts down her fame as being no bigger than those ladies who are always in the tabloids.

In a candid interview with photographer Nick Knight for his ShowStudio’s Subjective series, Kate reflected on her 20-year career. When asked if there have been other stars with the same level of fame as her, she said:

“Oh there has been! Loads! Kerry Katona. Katie Price. I don’t go, ‘I’m in the papers all the time’, because there are loads of people in the papers all the time!”

Always playing down her worldwide fame, Kate explained that she’ll never get too big for her boots. Why? “Because I’m from Croydon and if you get above your station someone will f***ing knock you down.”

The supermodel also discussed that 1993 Calvin Klein Obsession campaign which saw her first become famous. Shot by then-boyfriend Mario Sorrenti, Kate spoke about how the Obsession ad was so well thought out by Calvin Klein because Mario really was obsessed with her. 

“Calvin was clever, he saw from the pictures that it was obsession, and it really was an obsession!”

Kate Moss' Obsession campaign shot by Mario Sorrenti. Kate Moss’ Obsession campaign shot by Mario Sorrenti.


Feeling awkward with her fame at first, Kate explained that Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington took her under their wing. And then she met Johnny Depp. The three of them helped her to come to terms with her ever-growing fame (and fabulous-ness!) She still, however, appears to remain as grounded as ever.

Kate Moss is still regarded one of the most famous supermodels of all time and continues to make headlines with her amazing work. Just this week it was announced that she is fronting the new Mango campaign with none other than Cara Delevingne. The lethal combination of two of the most famous models in the world is bound to be one of the standout campaigns of 2015. Read more about Cara and Kate’s Mango camapign here.

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By Amy de Klerk