Kate Moss And Marc Jacobs Think You’re Basic

Photos: Instagram @themarcjacobs

When Marc Jacobs got Instagram a few months ago, we expected some pretty fabulous snaps to be gracing our feeds, but we could never have expected something quite like this. The ultimate social media avoider, Kate Moss got together with the designer to recreate one very famous viral video.

Marc and Ms Moss made their own version of teen Youtube sensation Lohanthony’s leg-twirling “Basic Bitches” vid which first stormed the internet in 2012.

“Calling all the basic b*tches…” Marc begins, while Kate whispers, “I have an announcement, you’re basic!”

The most amazing thing about it all? Kate’s legs, obviously!

> Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss’ recreating the ‘Basic B*tches’ Instagram video.

Marc posted the video with the caption, ‘This one’s for you @Lohanthonyit was Kate’s idea!’

The Youtube star was clearly thrilled with the fact that two members of fashion royalty had remade his video. He regrammed the video with the caption:

‘So @themarcjacobs and Kate Moss aka two prime examples of someone who is NOT basic MIGHT have just done my leg spin while calling out all the basic b*tches on camera for my eyes to see and DROOL over. I don’t know how I’m still breathing. #HONORED #kateslegtho #thoseshadestho.’

Getting to see a glimpse into the fabulous life of Kate Moss is a rare event, with the supermodel staying notoriously private and never entertaining the idea of getting a social media account. But if this is anything to go by, we can see what sorts of funny things Kate gets up to in her spare time.

> Kate Moss with husband, Jamie Hince out in Rome.

The fashion pair were in Rome together, with Marc documenting their fun night out all over his social media feed. Posting snaps of the two of them kissing as well as of her and hubby, Jamie Hince, we got a little taste of what it might be like if Mossy had her own Instagram feed. Oh, the dream.

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By Amy de Klerk