Kate Middleton Says Something Surprising About Fashion

Kate Middleton has one of the most scrutinised wardrobes in the world. But turns out she’s not actually as bothered about fashion as we thought. 

Yes, she has access to some of the most celebrated designers on the planet, and yes, she rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to her sartorial choices. But when it comes to stressing over whether to opt for McQueen or Packham, it seems like no biggy for K-Middy.

In a new chat with The Telegraph, close friend and fashion stylist (who is married to the Duchess of Cornwall’s son Tom) Sara Parker Bowles revealed that the Duchess’ outfits aren’t all that high on her royal agenda…

‘We’ve talked about designers we admire in the past and she’s always very complimentary about what I wear but, clearly, she feels she’s got more important things to think about – and that’s what makes her so endearing,’ Sara said.

Yet more proof that our future Queen really is the most down-to-earth style icon we know.

By Robyn Munson