What Happens When You Tell Kate Middleton A Sex Joke

Those of us who have met a famous person can all testify that it can be a pretty daunting experience, especially if you idolise and hold them in high esteem. So it’s not hard to imagine what it would be like to meet someone like Kate Middleton, basically the most-loved person in the United Kingdom, for the first time.

Joanne Froggatt, the star of Downton Abbey, had the pleasure of being introduced HRH The Duchess of Cambridge on the show’s period set but, this week, she has gone on to reveal that their meeting couldn’t have been more awkward, and here’s why…


Appearing on US talkshow Conan to talk about the series’ finale, the subject of her interview shifted to the topic of her meeting with Kate Middleton, which ended in one pretty raunchy sex joke. Yes, REALLY.

During her tour of the Downton Abbey set, Kate found herself chatting to the actress in Lady Mary’s bedroom, where the Royal beauty revealed that she found it strange being in the character’s bedroom. In an attempt to keep their conversation going, Joanne’s interjected with the quip, ‘Yeah, not many people get to come in Lady Mary’s bedroom!’ What would the Dowager say?!


We’re with you, Mags.

So, what was Kate’s reaction? Did she gasp and fall to the floor? Nope – she didn’t bat an eyelid. She simply smiled and continued her tour like the refined pro she is. After all, Joanne’s slip up is probably not a patch on the NSFW jokes Kate’s bro-in-law Prince Harry tells over Sunday Lunch.

Watch Joanne reenact the hilarious moment in the video below…