Kate Hudson And Michael Kors Unite For World Hunger

We love a good designer/star collaboration, and we especially love them when it’s for a charitable cause. So, we have to admit that we were pretty happy to hear the news that lauded American designer Michael Kors is teaming up with the much-loved actress (and long term friend) Kate Hudson to launch two exclusive limited-edition ‘Bradshaw’ watches as part of Kors’ ‘Watch Hunger Stop’ campaign that aims to feed hungry children the world over.

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> Michael and Kate have been friends for ages


Kors is well known and praised for his philanthropic charity work, and has been recently appointed as a United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Global Ambassador Against Hunger. Founded in 2013 his ‘Watch Hunger Stop’ project is also working alongside the WFP and their successful School Meals Program to help feed those youngsters that need help. So far the beloved New York based designer has donated more than 10 million meals to the cause, and now that the lovely Kate is on board, we anticipate that number is only going to get higher.

> Kate and Michael are often pictured together at red carpet events

Ms Hudson, no stranger to charity work herself after turns with the likes of the Red Cross amongst others, has praised the project and is excited about her involvement, saying:

‘As a mother, I can’t think of anything more important than raising a healthy and educated generation of children, and WFP’s School Meals Program is committed to exactly that. This is a cause that I’m eager to be a part of because I believe we can all make a real and significant difference.’

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Due to hit shelves in October, the limited-edition ‘Bradshaw 100’ watches (as modelled by Kate and Michael in the campaign pics) are particularly gorgeous, and have shot to the top of our accessory wishlist. A designer splurge which will help to eliminate world hunger? Sign us up.