Karl Lagerfeld Reveals Who He’s Backing For US President

Karl Lagerfeld certainly isn’t one to mince his words and now, in support of Hilary Clinton, the designer has turned his attention to the US election.

Yep, being German-born, Mr Lagerfeld isn’t actually eligible to vote, but that hasn’t stopped him from voicing his opinion.


> Hilary Clinton is running for US President





Following the Chanel show in Paris yesterday, he told the Associated Press: “I think with the first black president, what they need now is the first woman president. That has to change, too.

“I like the idea. It’s Women’s Day every day in my life.”

Suspiciously nice for loose-lipped-Lagerfeld, right?

Worry not, Karl quickly moved on to quipping Clinton’s biggest rivals – Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump – with the comment, “There’s nobody else to support anyway.”


> Donald Trump is one of Hilary Clinton’s biggest rivals






And Karl’s not the only one out to slam Trump. Jamaican model Alexia Palmer is accusing Trump Model management – the talent agency founded by Trump – of racketeering, breach of contract and violating wage laws for immigrants.

In brief, Alexia claims that Trump’s agency told the US federal government that she would be paid $75,000 year on her work visa application, while she only received a total of $3880 between 2011 and 2013.



> Model Alexa Palmer is suing Donald Trump for £158,000





As for a response from Trump, Reuters reports that Trump’s lawyers have called the case “frivolous” and “without merit”.

Lawrence Rosen, a lawyer for Trump Model Management adds: “At the end of the day, this model just didn’t have a successful career, and we fully expect to win.”



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> Alexa originally filed for compensation from Trump in October 2014







Palmer’s lawyer, meanwhile, says that his client was cheated of her earnings and that, “The visa application the company filed with the government requires that people are paid the full amount. It’s a requirement.”

We’ll leave this one for you to weigh up on…